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Central Texas 2m SSB Operating Event
Thursdays 9pm on 144.250
Been several month's since I've been able to participate. Anyone else having any luck? Hopefully before May I'll have my tower/antennas up, and can rejoin the fun - Ben-ne5B

Instead of a formal net where everyone contacts net control, we have an "Operating Event". The main purpose is to focus our energy and get as many folks on the air at the same "Time" and "Frequency" to make for higher probabilities of making some contacts when there isn't any Tropo or other Propagation enhancement happening.

Get on and work who ever you can. Traditionally 2m SSB is done with Horizontally Polarized Antennas, don't let not having a horizontal Antenna keep you from trying to participate - we have folks on the air with Veritical antennas too!

With a mininal Antenna setup, I've worked Stations in a triangular shaped area that is bordered by Gatesville Houston and Hondo, without a band opening.

A lot of power is not necessary: Some are running only 10watts many 50watts only a few over 100watts.

2m Road Runner Microwave Group Net Sundays at 9pm local
This net is primarily for members of the Road Runners Microwave Group, but other Checkins are welcome. After the net concludes folks are encouraged to try to make contacts with others on the Higher Frequencies see k5rmg.org for more info

Texas Armadillo 6m Net
Sundays 9pm on 50.160mhz
Net Control is KD5HLB in Huntington TX. Click on www.lamardenby.org/sixmeternet.htm for more information

Current Live 2m Tropo Estimates from APRS Data
Great work by Jon Harder NG0E
Click Picture to see more
sometimes picture does not load click to go to originating site!

Thanks to KE5DFA for telling me about the link

Click here for Page that refreshes this map every 10 minutes

VHF / UHF Resources


Texas Area
VHF / UHF Contestors
Fixed Stations and Rovers

Some of the Stations / Locations that were active on February 23, 2006

K5CLC - Chris - Austin, TX
Ka5HRF - Butch - Fedor, TX
KD5PNT - Andy - La Grange, TX
KD5ZDN - Gonzales, TX
KG5TL Mike - Near Muldoon, TX
N5MZQ - Don - Giddings, TX
NE5B Ben - Ellinger, TX US
NU5D - Steve - Gatesville, TX

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  • Central Texas Radar Map Intellicast.com

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